What I Wrote This Month: March 2017

It's been a busy spring, with clients requesting more blog posts than ever. It seems that businesses are finally taking this content marketing thing seriously. At least seriously enough to keep me happily employed!

Blog posts for Insperity

When I was doing the corporate thing, I always had a side gig or two going. It's common in marketing communications, and my bosses were usually interested in the project and what I might learn that we could use in-house. The benefit for me was that I could keep skills sharp that were going unused in my day job. For example, if my day job involved all project management and editing, a freelance job might give me the chance to write.

Imagine my surprise to learn that some industries or careers are only now opening up and allowing employees to pursue side projects. If you'd like to know more, read this: 8 surprising benefits of encouraging employees to pursue side gigs

Another post comfirmed what I'd always thought: If you empower employees with the right data, they can work better for you. Before becoming a solopreneur, I worked only a couple places where management openly communicated the essential data I needed to do my job, and those were definitely the best places to work. Here's more information on why this works: An employer’s guide: How to connect employees’ work to company analytics

Editing for PermaPier by way of Enilon

Enilon, a delightful agency in Ft. Worth, hires me occasionally for writing and editing projects. This month, it involved editing a series of blog posts for PermaPier, including this one on 7 Commercial Property Maintenance Tips. PermaPier's maintains our home's foundation, so I'm partial to them.

Thank you letters for Texas Children's

Texas Children's Hospital is the only organization I know of that sends personalized thank you letters to donors. Of course, if you give them $5, it's a form letter. But those who give larger amounts get a personal note from the CEO or a senior VP. It's a little thing that reveals something about the integrity of the organization and the vital need for private donations. Since these are private letters, I can't post samples here. If you have a similar development project, give me a shout and I'll send you redacted samples.

I also wrote a couple of speeches and a donor profile for Texas Children's this month. These haven't been published yet, so there's more to come!