What I wrote this month: February 2017

A press release for The Stowers Institute

People in the past have figured out how proteins work singly or in a static environment.Super smarty-pants Mihaela Sardiu, Ph.D. of The Stowers Institute uses big data to analyze how proteins behave and interact dynamically. Learn all about it here: Uncovering new relationships and organizational principles in protein interaction networks.

Blog posts for Insperity

Co-working spaces aren't just for solopreneurs like me. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using co-working spaces to supplement their traditional office space. If you want to know more, Jaime Carter of Insperity shares tips on co-working on their blog: Co-working spaces: What every employer needs to know.

Recruiter Omar Bangash encourages companies to think about diversity in the workplace as something more than the old gender/race issue in this blog post for Insperity: Hiring for diversity vs. skill sets: How do you find a balance?

Blog posts for Generational Equity

This recent blog post for Generational Equity got picked up by another business blog as great advice for business owners! Let Go and Watch Your Company Grow. And, in another post for the same company, Rethink Your Approach to Working Capital.

Coming next month: A couple of annual reports, a speech or two, plus more blog posts!